Pastor Gary Englert

“No words can describe the way Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit alive in me, profoundly changes my life day by day.  (In a very good way!)  What a privilege to serve Him as a pastor. Sheila and I have been married over 20 years, each passing year growing deeper in love and honor for each other.  We are blessed to be the parents of Korey, Kasey, and Gabriel, three fabulous sons."   

Rachel Sanford

  Rachel has been church secretary since 2010, but a part of Labish since the wee age of 3. In the course of time she married Jon in 2009 became a mother to two vivacious kids Eve & Eli, finds time to do the occasional craft project, has a passion for cooking and baking cakes, and hopes one day to do some abroad traveling with her family.

   Aside from the basic bio Rachel desires to see her fellow Christians grow to spiritual maturity in Christ (herself too), listen to the Holy Spirit and be obedient, and reconcile the World back to relationship with the true God.